Dr. Basir Kamjo

Don't give up, because the carnivores are waiting for your fall

08.05.2020 06

The pitiful political climate in the country teaches us that the way to change this land, must be wisely sought. As our country is now in its worst political and economical shape and lacking any security mechanisms, you have to be vigilant to maintain Afghanistan.

Ashraf Ghani was exposed for the indirect support he got of the Taliban during the 2019 Afghan presidential election, when they threatened to attack potential voters on their way to the election. Due to that, many people didn’t go voting while the people from Ghani filled the ballot boxes with rigged ballot papers in his favor. Also before that, the Government of Ghani also committed serious crime in the last five years and six months alone, killing 60,000 army soldiers “through” the Taliban (Afghan-Pashtun). More than 200,000 civilians were killed and wounded. During that time, the drug production increased up to 9,000 tons yearly. Nearly three million citizens of the society became addicted to drugs, one million citizens of this country were forced to cultivate poppy cultivation. And by pursuing a common policy (war, suicide and explosion), because of Taliban and Ashraf Ghani's government thousands of young people have fled to foreign lands.

The coalition government of Ashraf Ghani & Abdullah Abdullah, during its time requires: constitutional change, fixing the national security problem, proximity to poppy cultivation production to zero, establishment of a parliamentary system based on equal rights of citizenship, growth of culture-knowledge and human knowledge, eradication of poverty and unemployment, housing and shelter problems - piping, mining, handicrafts, heavy industries, asphalting all the country's streets, repairing railways as bridges between provinces, repairing hydroelectric dams, heating, balanced production of fabric factories in all provinces and cities. And they didn’t realize dozens of other civil society production and infrastructure projects in the country.

Under the leadership of Ashraf Ghani's coalition government, Abdullah Abdullah did not have any qualifications or constructive role as chief executive. Abdullah Abdullah's policy of gentleness and tolerance led Ashraf Ghani to brazenly lead the country's economy, culture, and politics only on the basis of ethnocentrism. And for more than five years, it abolished the powers of the House of Representatives. The chairman and members of the Supreme Court, the Attorney General and the Speaker of the Senate, voluntarily closed the door and suffocated any opinions. And he led the country with his dark side by medieval decrees like a dictator.

The fraud committed by Ashraf Ghani in the election with Abdullah Abdullah was the next thing. Ghani wrongfully declared himself the winner of the election. The occurrence of such an event led to a confrontation between the practice of self-reliance and the demand for rights in the country. As a result, both Abdullah Abdullah as president-elect performed the inauguration ceremony and Ashraf Ghani cheated. There are now two presidents in the country. So far, the issue has been made clear.

It is worth noting that large ethnicities such as Uzbeks, Hazaras, Pashtuns (Afghans) and Tajiks live in Afghanistan. Nearly 72 percent of the population is Persian-speaking (Uzbeks, Hazaras, and Tajiks), and the rest is Pashtun (Afghan).

In this division, the Uzbeks, Hazaras, Tajiks and some other heretical Pashtuns support the formation of an inclusive presidency of Abdullah Abdullah. Only a small remnant of the people - from Ghanis own government – want him again.

To check the strategic differences between the political programs of these two individuals:

In our opinion, people are upset about both. And in the previous administration, both were involved in all the failed policies of the coalition government. But in a very relative way, we can predict that:

If Abdullah Abdullah rules his team with the destiny of our people, it will be possible to bring security, establish a democratic parliamentary system, change the constitution based on the balance of civil rights, ensure a balanced right to participate in political sovereignty and a balanced right to land ownership, freedom and autonomy: the legislature, the executive and the judiciary, and other possibilities.

On the contrary, if the unwilling Ashraf Ghani reigns again in the destiny of our people, only the continuation of war and crime, mass murder and murder, the growth of drug production and the strengthening of the Taliban as the fighting power of the repressive machine will continue. The country's indigenous taste is unimaginable.

I would like to remind that the motive for the orphan's tears, burning the widow's liver, shedding the pure blood of the wounded, sighing at the dawn of grieving mothers, the hungry people, the causing of sorrow for thousands were caused by Hamid Karzai and Ashraf Ghani. If today in the cloudy sky your power is covered by demons and in the four walls of the forest law, the citadel is imprisoned and silent, but tomorrow this pain, moaning and anger of bone-burning will become the stronghold of resistance of the oppressed and the firm and invincible will of the people.

It is now conceivable that Ashraf Ghani's affiliated and illegitimate regime of the citadel is trembling, and it fears a collective of the people will rise up and demand their rightful rights. These vultures called Taliban and Hamid Karzai, Ashraf Ghani and Khalilzad, all do their laks under the false name of peace- and reconciliation talk.

The people now have a good understanding of the real source of the war and crime in the country and know that subjects of the government, together with the help of the Taliban, will produce so many wars and crimes. With this attitude, the people this year decided not to call for the formation of such an old one-ethnic government again, and to end the perpetual and demonic perpetuation of such dependent governments forever. The ouster of the mono-ethnic government is the inalienable will of the time and the self-belief and self-confidence of our people. We are hoping for security and prosperity in the future in our country.

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