Dr. Farid Younos

Afghanistan Freedom Movement (AFM)


Afghanistan Freedom Movement (AFM)

Founded May 25, 2022

Goals and Objectives


Afghanistan Freedom Movement (AFM) wants a free, neutral and non-aligned Afghanistan. For this purpose, AFM asks the international body and the United Nation to held an international peace conference on Afghanistan.

AFM is against Islamic radicalism, tribalism, misogyny, child labor and minor marriages.

AFM wants to establish an Islamic democracy in which the government will not impose religion on the people. The purpose of an Islamic government is to establish peace and security by establishing civic laws, strong economic agenda to create jobs and fight poverty, and to promote national education.

AFM will not compromise the freedom, dignity and integrity of Afghan nation under the name of religion. Religion in an Islamic democracy is a personal choice.

AFM will establish mutual relation with all nations. AFM wants to be an active member of the United Nation to promote peace and security in the region.

AFM will end all political problems with the neighbors of Afghanistan and establish a mutual economic and cultural relations for cooperation.

AFM wants to create a Switzerland of Asia and be a role model for diversity, economic propensity and multiculturalism in the region.

AFM strongly believes that no man has a superiority over a woman and no woman has a superiority over a man. AFM wants total equal opportunity for both genders. Men and women complement each other according to Islam.

AFM believes that all religious denominations are equal before the law and no denomination is in majority or minority.

AFM believes that all ethnic groups are equal before the law and no ethnic group is in majority or minority.

AFM promotes citizenship and all citizens shall be equal before the law.


Farid Younos

Founder and author of

Islamic Democracy

Email: Farid.younos@yahoo.com

Phone, text & message: 925-203-0352

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