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DEMONSTRATORS RESOLUTION: Justice for Hazara Victims in Afghanistan


Justice for victims of targeted killing in Afghanistan - Justice for Hazara Victims in Afghanistan - Justice for Seyed Al- shohada Hazara schoolgirls Victims in Kabul.

Protesters' resolution calling for justice for Hazara victims in Afghanistan, victims of war and terrorist attacks, especially Hazara victims in the terrorist attack on Sayed al-Shuhada High School in Dasht-e-Barchi, Kabul, which killed about 90 people ،disabled about 250 and thousands more were injured. This terrorist crime is a clear example of genocide and a crime against humanity. The oppressed people of Afghanistan are the main victims of war, terrorism and violence. The Hazaras, as one of Afghanistan's indigenous peoples, have been subjected to genocide, systematic killing, racial and religious cleansing, and persistent discrimination throughout modern history. 62% of the Hazaras population in Afghanistan were massacred by the cruel Abdul Rahman, and this genocide still continues. In recent years, the targeted killing of Hazaras has increased systematically, and brutally. Schools, science centers, training courses, sports clubs, religious sites, roadside travelers, demonstrations and civic gatherings, wedding halls, and even babies and pregnant women in maternity wards have been attacked.

We, the participants in today's demonstrations, strongly condemn these crimes against humanity.

We call on the International Criminal Court, the international community, the United Nations, the European Union, the European Parliament, the NATO Alliance, human rights institutions, European countries, the United States of America, the Government, the parties and the Parliament of the Netherlands, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to note the following:

1. Place pressure to government of Afghanistan to fulfill its core, legal, national and international responsibilities to protect the lives and livelihoods of the people of Afghanistan, especially the Hazara people. Protect the Hazaras, who are at risk of genocide and ethnic cleansing, in accordance with domestic and international law, and ensure the safety of the Hazara people. Stop the growing discrimination and prejudice in the government against the Hazara people.

2. Call on the Government of Afghanistan to identify and bring to justice the perpetrators of war crimes, crimes against humanity, human rights violators and organized crimes against the Hazaras, and to bring to justice, in cooperation with the International Criminal Court and international legal institutions, furthermore to punish them. End the ugly culture of exemption and forgiveness of war crimes perpetrators in Afghanistan. Because the prosecution of these criminals is essential to justice and to lasting peace.

3. Hear the voices of the Hazara victims in Afghanistan and recognize the horrific massacre of the Hazara people as genocide. The situation of danger with high life threats against Hazaras in Afghanistan should be considered and practical measures should be taken in accordance with international standards, international conventions and the UN Charter for the national and international protection of Hazaras in Afghanistan.

4. On the continuous killing of Hazaras, especially the attacks of the last years (attack on the civil demonstrations of the Enlightenment movement in Dehmzang, Kabul - attack on mosques and religious places in the west of Kabul - Mawhood training course in Dasht-e Barchi - Maiwand sports club in Dasht-e Barchi ) - Kowsar Danesh Training
Center in Barchi - Killing of Behsud Demonstrators - Seyed Al-Shohada Barchi High School) An international fact-finding mission should be formed to identify, prosecute and punish the hidden angles of these obvious crimes.

5. Appropriate measures should be taken by the Government of Afghanistan and the international community to prevent the occurrence of organized crime and targeted deadly killings against the Hazara people so that we no longer witness such heinous terrorist crimes.

6. We call on the International Criminal Court to hear the voices of the victims of war, terrorism and violence in Afghanistan and to work for justice. Investigate war victims' complaints in Afghanistan and prosecute criminals.

7. We call on the International Criminal Court to recognize some 30 recent terrorist crimes against Hazaras in Afghanistan; In particular, investigate the case of the terrorist attack on the Hazara girls of Seyed Al-Shohada High School students in Dasht-e-Barchi, Kabul, which took place on 08.05.2021

Hazara’s in Holland Association
Katib Cultural Center in the Netherlands

Friday 28.05.2021
in front of international criminal court – The Hague – Netherlands


Demonstration Resolution will be sent to the International Criminal Court, the Dutch Parliament, the Dutch Government, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Dutch Political Parties, the United Nations, the United Nations Security Council , European Union , European Parliament, NATO, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International , Government of the United States of America and Government of Afghanistan.

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