Naser Koshan

Looking forward to the Third Bonn!


Afghanistan has definitely come a long way since the collapse of the Taliban regime in late 2001. No doubt, the people of Afghanistan once again proved that they are peace loving and are keen to modernization and embracing economic opportunities as well as democratic values.

 It would be unfair if we deny the current achievements and endeavors made to stabilize the political and economical systems which have been made possible by the immense efforts of the international donor countries, yet a huge amount of resources have been wasted which could have been utilized to initiate many more futile projects for guaranteeing a sustainable economy and a dynamic society for the foreseeable future.

We in Afghanistan made a huge mistake of not tracing down the insurgents in 2002 and consequently gave them the opportunity to regroup and emerge as a disturbing front against the Afghan government and its international partners. No doubt, this carelessness finally brought about further terrorist attacks around the world most noticeably the Bali and London Metro bombings which caused hundreds of innocent lives and give them the incentives to target any possible location anywhere in the world.

Now, that the international community and the U.S. administration have realized the importance of the Afghan war, the fastest and the easiest way to bring an end to this ongoing insurgency would be more economic and political sanctions on neighboring Afghan countries who are actively supporting these elements during the last 10 years and have cunningly fooled both the U.S. and the international community while playing a double interest policy so far.

The recent rumors of the U.S. troops presence post 2014 has certainly created a great amount of concerns among the political agencies of these countries and from now on they will try their best to increase their moral and financial support to these elements as they are already working on taking this war to another level of sectarian violence between the Sunnis and Shiites in Afghanistan.

Incredibly, though being engaged in civil conflicts for nearly 30 years, Afghanistan has never experienced a tangible sunni-shiite upheaval in its history and both groups have lived peacefully and respected each others liberty on their religious rituals. But the recent suicide bombing on 10th of Muharam in a Shiite shrine in Kabul which killed more than 62 innocent mourners on the occasion can be the beginning of a new conspiracy against the Afghan society sketched by the Pakistani Intelligence Agency. The responsibility of this terrorist attack was later taken by the Pakistani based Lashkare Janagwi which has a history of brutal attacks on innocent Shiite pilgrims both in India and Afghanistan.

No doubt, the weak current corrupt government of Afghanistan has paved the way for these disturbances yet only condemning the perpetrators of these incidents and not taking any concrete measure to bring the culprits to proper justice.

Although ten years is a huge span of time, but it would still be the right time to bring effective reforms in the government and get rid of lazy, corrupt and unprofessional officials. They certainly had the last decade to accumulate further wealth and establish business interests abroad and only if they have a little shame left, they should step back and let the professional young thinkers to give the country a new vision of economic development and a peaceful state. Otherwise, it will not be too late that we will all be looking forward to the third Bonn a decade from now.


Author: Naser Koshan

Washington, U.S.

December 2011

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Kabuli18.03.2013 - 19:53

 Nasir jan, I admire your concern but you better know that terrorists are run by CIA/MI6.

Nasir Essan03.01.2012 - 05:27

 Dear Naser koshan very very well said and so true, hope the country people back home will realize that, continue with your good work, and have nice and happy new year Nasir london



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