Open Letter of the CFTA (FFTA) to His Excellency Barack Obama


Open Letter of the Cultural Federation of the Turks of Afghanistan to His Excellency Barack Obama, President of the United States of America, in regard to the massacre of Taliban in the north of Afghanistan.

17th July 2009

Your Excellency Barack Obama, President of the United States of America!

Eight years have passed since the demise of the fascist Taliban regime with its Al-Qaida cohorts in Afghanistan. With the overthrow of the uncivilized and barbaric regime during this period, the poor and deprived people of Afghanistan have always been optimistic that the ground would be paved for the unfolding of a more humane society devoid of violence, with the aid of the international community, supporters of democracy, human rights, and true justice in Afghanistan, and that they would enjoy the right of self-determination paying due respect to the national and social composition of the country, and based on the realities of the recent history of our war-torn country.

But unfortunately, the people of Afghanistan as well as the international community are witnesses to the fact that, from the very beginning of Taliban’s collapse until present, the situation in our country and the region has been replete with a kind of covert and consistent political-military game that has been developing in a systematic manner. The main tenet of the game relies on distracting the belief and faith of the people away from democracy, and disruption of their social life by unsacred means of meddling with the very meaning and values of democracy or any other highly regarded human values, in both the arena of politics and religion.  Obviously the main goal of the game is to prevent the total collapse of the Taliban and Al-Qaida, which has close connection to the mafia of drug traffickers, international terrorism, and supporters of the degenerate tribal regime in our country bent on maintaining the ‘single ethnic supremacy’ in the political system of Afghanistan.

As can be clearly observed, the main role in the game has been played by the members of the incumbent regime in Afghanistan, under the leadership of ‘Afghan Nazis’ or ‘Afghan Nationalists’, and others standing for the interests of tribal supremacy and single ethnic rule in the country. They have played their role in the national and international arena under different pretexts, effectively prevented our country from attaining the goal of peace and well-being for its people, and uprooted as much as they could any process of understanding and national unity that could have been achieved by means of fraternity and equality among all the inhabitants of Afghanistan under the umbrella of a constitutional and just regime.

As a result of the explicit provocation of these malignant players along with certain international circles, not only did the war and bloodshed not halt during the eight years of hope, but also we have witnessed appalling increase in narcotics cultivation and trade, widening inequality among different ethnic groups in the country, surging poverty and gap in the living standards of the people, unemployment, intensification of the conflict, etc. Due to these misleading policies of the incumbents of the Afghan government, the once defeated Taliban and Al-Qaida are regrouping and reorganizing their forces in Afghanistan and in the region, and their leaders such as Mullah Omar and Gulbuddin Hekmatiyar and others, who were once black-listed as the leaders of international terrorism, are being cleared off the list and courted to come to the negotiating table by the government for power sharing under different pretexts. On the contrary, the people who fought against Taliban and Al-Qaida alongside the coalition forces side by side in the frontline and lost their valuable lives for the higher cause of defense and justice, are being accused of war crimes and we see an endeavor to put the blame of the massacre of the Taliban on their shoulders. This is one of the masterpieces of the dark forces of injustice and despotism encompassing our country and the globe, to swap the status of real criminals to that of innocent and oppressed deserving compassion, and relegate the status of the real defenders of justice and freedom to criminals and the accused.

Hence, the destiny of the people of Afghanistan, especially that of the oppressed ethnic groups, is once again on the verge of uncertainty, peril and dark ages of the past under new means and methods. It is not far from the truth that the role played by the international proponents of democracy and human rights, has a moral bearing on the further shaping and implementation of such tragedy.

Mr. President!

As the head of the most powerful nation in the world, the United States of America, you are fully aware of the realities of Afghanistan, as was evident from your frequent allusion to matters related to Afghanistan and the region during your Presidential Election Campaigns. You had promised that if elected, you would pursue Taliban and Al-Qaida to their nests on both sides of Afghanistan-Pakistan border, and wouldn’t refrain from any assistance to clear the Afghan government of corruption and existence of medieval elements in the core of the government apparatus, in order to save the people of Afghanistan from the clutches of this monster and barbarism. These remarks made by you brought the rays of hope and optimism to the oppressed people of Afghanistan and the globe as a whole. But it is unclear at the present moment, on what grounds you have pointed the sharp edge of the sword of your policy, just similar to your predecessors, away from the oppressor and towards the oppressed and those impoverished, who had fought alongside international coalition against terrorism, and who had had great expectations of obtaining social justice, from your unique personality, who had himself experienced impoverishment and hailed from the oppressed African-American Community of American society. What would be the logical explanation on your part and that of the other policy makers of your administration, for adopting such policy of accusing the freedom fighters of war crimes on the one hand, and treating the barbarians like an oppressed with compassion on the other hand, who would indiscriminately behead an innocent and sell his head to his grieving family members for profit.

An aware conscience wouldn’t forget the crimes committed by these perpetrators of terrorism and barbarism, who ventured into our political arena with vengeance and violence, and turned the whole of our country into the captivity of their anti-human and superstitious dogmas, with clear banners and mottos explicitly mocking any manifestation of civility and humanity. Who can deny the policy of ethnic cleansing that these killers carried out with their massacre of the native Hazara, Uzbek, and Tajik inhabitants of the central and northern Afghanistan? Not only the men, women, children and the elderly weren’t spared, but also even the animals such as dogs and cats weren’t immune from their malice, and wherever they marched through, they have left behind a havoc of burnt villages and towns and devastated people.  

Mr. President!

If you are seeking the truth, besides inquiring about the latest casualties of the Taliban fighting in the north of Afghanistan from you intelligence networks, we would suggest you to kindly go through the whole picture of the dark era of the rule of extremist and moderate, as well as traditional and modern Taliban, and the ruling ethnic group in perspective in recent years. If you would really like to investigate the truth in regard to the crimes committed in our devastated country, we would eagerly suggest you to look at the bigger picture and seek the perpetrators of the massacre committed in the north of Kabul, Heart, Qaisar, Maimana, Sheberghan, Takhar, Samangan, Baghlan, Konduz, Sarpol, Badghis, Ghor, Mazare-Sharif, Bamiyan, Oruzgan, Ghazna, and numerous other areas in the country. And if you would like to identify the real criminals, you can seek to know who were the people behind the destruction of historical statue of Bamiyan Buddha, who were the people who turned schools into the stables for their horses, and who were the people who burned the books of public libraries, library of the University of Kabul, and other cultural centers of the country.

Even then if you overlook all these crimes, kindly pay attention to the grief of the mother of Ajmal Naqshbandi, who was beheaded in a barbaric manner unprecedented in the history of mankind like tens of others on daily basis, and to the reaction of the women of Afghanistan who can’t help trembling on hearing the name of Taliban. The beating of women and the assault on the dignity of women and motherhood that they have committed, is the greatest infamy in the history of the modern world.

Respected President!

Your latest decision in regard to the investigation of the massacre of the Taliban during the fighting in the northern parts of the country, would rise a question in the mind of any truth-seeking individual of Afghanistan, that God unwilling, you are unconsciously pursuing the oppressed instead of the oppressor, and have mistaken the identity of the trespasser and that of the owner of the property. Otherwise you or anyone seeking the truth should throw a glance at the depth of the issue, in an historical, political, and social perspective and then make appropriate judgments as to where and under what circumstance these Taliban fighting in the north were killed. It is pertinent to think, whether the Uzbeks, Tajiks, Hazaras and other ethnic groups of the region ever attempted to unleash an attack in the South and East of the country where Taliban hail from, or they were merely and justly defending their cities, villages, and livelihood from the menace of the Taliban marching to the North of Afghanistan. The United Front has sustained heavy casualties in the fighting in the north of the country on the verge of the collapse of Taliban regime.

There are indisputable evidences that large number of Taliban had been killed by the coalition forces led by the United States backed by B52 bombers, in the course of active combat and not under imprisonment. Their subsequent imprisonment and the rebellion in ‘Qala-e Jangi’ in the city of Mazare-Sharif after their reluctance to surrender, led to considerable casualties on the part of the United Front Forces as well. Therefore, if we were to accuse the United Font Forces quelling the rebellion of the Taliban, there are more grounds to point finger against the international coalition forces as well.

With due regard to the aforementioned points, the Cultural Federation of the Turks of Afghanistan, considers it to be its urgent historical obligation, to relay the outcry and concern of several million oppressed Turks of Afghanistan, whose level of oppressions wasn’t less than that of the African-American Community of the United States in the not so distant past, to Your Excellency’s attention and to that of justice-seeking world entities. They still experience inequality in their political, economic, social, and cultural lives, and are deprived of equal material and spiritual rights with the other inhabitants of their country. We request your immediate attention to the realities of the society of Afghanistan, and to the rights of the ethnic groups under oppression in our country.

In light of these realities, we would like Your Excellency to grasp the reality of the matter, not to repeat the mistake of the preceding American statesmen, and not to fall into the trap of the Afghan Nazis or Afghan Nationalists, who has always had the upper-hand and vast experience in molding the international public opinion in their favor, due primarily to their over two hundred years of supremacy in the country and the fact that vast majority of the Afghan diplomatic missions is being occupied by their personnel at present.

The Cultural Federation of the Turks of Afghanistan, would like to avail itself of this opportunity to reiterate to Your Excellency, that the adoption of unrealistic policies would not only disrupt the establishment of peace and stability in Afghanistan and in the neighboring countries in the region, but also would surely intensify the scope of violence and conflict among different ethnic groups and deepen the crisis in Afghanistan, however contrary it might seem, to the untrue pictures presented by the incumbent Afghan National Fascists.

We believe that the implementation of true democracy in our country, stemming from the will and requirements of its inhabitants, would surely pave the way for peace and stability in the region, taking into account that the international community supporting democracy wouldn’t heed to the seed of conflict sown by the incumbent proponents of ethnic fascism and single ethnic supremacy in our country. Once again, we request Your Excellency’s attention to the realities of the society of Afghanistan, in a manner unobstructed by subjectivity and ambiguity posed by the malignant protagonists of single ethnic supremacy in Afghanistan giving advice to you and the members of your administration, with regard to the state of current affairs in Afghanistan.

We would like to wish you success in your leadership of the United States of America, and in bringing peace, stability, and true democracy in the world, including our country.

Leadership Board of the Cultural Federation of the Turks of Afghanistan

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