Dr. Syed Toora

Vaccination and its Devastating Effects on Human Health


by Syed Toora, (Ph.D - Microbiology)
and Hamideh Saba (MD)

The process of vaccination existed for millions of years, as now we know that there are thousands of beneficial and harmless micro-organisms with similar antigenic character as that of pathogenic organisms. Exposure to such organisms immunises humans and animals against the harmful micro-organisms. Prior to Edward Jenner's discovery of vaccine, the human mortality even with simple infections was very high due to the lack of understanding about the cause of the diseases. Immunisation through vaccination created lots of interest and hope in the minds and hearts of many researchers and scientists by helping them to use this technology for the prevention of diseases and reducing human suffering. Unfortunately this policy did not survive for long and took another direction when the world's major companies took control of vaccine manufacturing and vaccination policies. Today nations are vaccinated with the application of force imposed on them by their governments. Varieties of vaccines are developed every year and used with out any question being asked about their effectiveness or if they are needed at all. This article is an abstact from the orginally in Dari which was original published in Mardom Nama-e Bakhter, Permission for republication was granted by Editor, Dr. Daud Shah Saba.

Today's forced vaccination is doing more damage to the health of individuals than protecting them against diseases. There is enough data available to prove the inefficiency of today's vaccines and vaccination programs worldwide. According to WHO's 1996 world health report, in 1995 alone, 8.9 million people developed Tuberculosis and more than 3 million people died of this disease. The WHO warns that by the end of the last decade of this century about 90 million people will develop TB out of which 30 million will die of this disease.

Between 1915-1958, before even the vaccine for Measles was developed, the mortality due to measles was dropped by 95% and today the same WHO warns people that a person vaccinated for measles is 14 times more likely to contract the disease than those not vaccinated. Between 1983-1985 there were a dozen outbreaks of measles in Texas, USA, among junior and senior high school students. 95% of the students had received the measles vaccine, as confirmed by school immunisation records.

In 1900-1935 the mortality rate due to Pertussis was dropped by 79% in the USA before even the vaccine diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus (DPT) was developed. In an outbreak of Pertussis in Washington State, USA, out of 162 cases of pertussis, 49% were completely vaccinated. There are worldwide reports to support that the vaccine DPT is strongly linked to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Sweden altogether stopped Pertussis vaccination. Some reports suggest that in the last 30 years since the vaccine for Mumps, Measles and Rubella has been recommended for children, childhood cancer from a rare occurrence is now reported to be one of the leading cause of death in children under 10 years of age. Centre for Disease Control (CDC) in the USA has identified 34 major side effects with vaccines used against MMR and DPT.

The mortality rate in the USA due to Polio in 1923-1953 was dropped by 47% before the polio vaccine was introduced. Dr. Jonas Salk, creator of the killed virus vaccine testified in 1976 that live virus vaccine (the Sabin vaccine introduced in 1962) was the principle, if not the sole cause of polio since 1961. Out of 55 cases of polio reported in the USA in 1980-1985, 51 cases were caused by the vaccine.

According to a report from New Zealand published in the New Zealand Journal of Medicine, May 24, 1996, an increase of 60% in insulin-dependent diabetes was noticed following a hepatitis B vaccination program. The USA Food and Drug Administration warns that the Hepatitis B vaccine can cause the autoimmune disease alopecia. Some of the chemical present in the vaccines such as Aluminium, Formaldehyde and Mercury are extremely toxic and are known to cause cancer. Most viruses used for vaccine manufacturing are grown in monkey kidney cells, rabbit liver cells, chicken embryo, horse or calf serum. These vaccines not only contain antigens from the animal tissue, but also have the potential to transmit animal viruses to humans.

Dr. Gordon Stewart, a noted Scottish epidemiologist believes that we might be heading down a dangerous path by trying to vaccinate all diseases and infections from the surface of the Earth with out first knowing the long-term effect of challenging our immune system with many bacterial and viral antigens.

A report published in the British Medical Journal 1997, indicates that Afghanistan has one of the highest cases of Polio in the world. Probably due to the unfavourable situation for a good epidemiological research in Afghanistan, this research work and data is not very conclusive. This report mentions about the WHO's Polio vaccine program, but not about the Iran's Polio vaccination program in Afghanistan. The authors have concluded that the cause of this epidemic was the poor hygiene and lack of vaccination programs. I think the authors of the article are not aware that Polio vaccine by itself is one of the causes of Poliomyelitis worldwide. The dry hot summer and cold winter temperatures and also the scattered population of Afghan land act as a barrier for the spreading of this virus. There is enough information available to prove that environmental conditions such as high and low temperatures, sand and snow storms, humidity and dryness not only reduces the effectiveness of Polio vaccine it, can even make it completely inactive. In an outbreak of Polio in India, report suggests that all the affected children were the recipient of 3 to 4 shots of Polio vaccine. We strongly believe that the vaccines used by the WHO or Iran are, if not the only sole cause, they could be one of the major contributing factors in incidence of Polio epidemics in Afghanistan. At the same time that the reports on the ineffectiveness of different vaccines for the prevention of diseases are surfacing out, many other reports are strongly supporting the effectiveness of herbal remedies and vitamins for the prevention of diseases. A report from Tanzania and another from the Harvard School of Public Health, USA, indicate that vitamin A has proven to reduce Measles mortality in children by 50 to 90 %.

As there is evidence that the hidden agents present in vaccines could be used as hidden weapon, as was observed by Dr. Eva Snead, Dr. Horowitz and others that many Africans in Africa and North America and homosexuals developed AIDS after vaccination programs, we thought this is our moral duty to discuss this matter with our Afghan brothers and sisters and others to beware of these vaccines and vaccinators and their intentions as you never know that the hidden agents present in these vaccines (deliberately or by mistake) could be capable of implicating catastrophic human suffering, not only on the present Afghan generations, but on many generations to come.


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