Naser Koshan

The ongoing series of strategic partnerships


In today’s globalization world where physical boundaries are gradually emptying its importance to a viable open environment between different countries and bringing an end to the enmity and hostility which used to exist among countries, it is necessary for each single country to remain an active member of the world community and pursue policies leading to a cordial and strategic relation with different states. 

The prevailing government’s initiative of signing strategic partnerships with different countries is worthwhile as long as it does not remain in paper and transform into a pragmatic cooperation between Afghanistan and its valuable strategic partners. 

Afghans like many other nations have the right to live in peace and sustain a long-term economic growth for their future; one of the means that we require to achieve such aspirations is maintaining a cordial and strategic relationship with near and far countries. 

We having a history of devastating civil conflicts more than any other country in the world necessitate a closer relationship with our allies to assure our foreign and internal stability and interests, we certainly cannot afford the restart of these conflicts in the future while at the same time an extreme Talibani ideology is no longer executable in Afghanistan, unless we have a strong security establishment to tackle all these threats and guard these interests, Afghanistan again being turned into a safe haven for these elements is predictable and foreseeable. 

Most importantly, these strategic partnerships will allow us to build a strong relation with these countries and utilize their expertise in terms of enhancing the capabilities of our security forces and create a secure environment for their ventures in Afghan natural resources which will reinforce our economy and bring more productivity to it. 

Unfortunately, being trapped in a geographically vulnerable spot, both the current and the proceeding governments in Afghanistan ought to reassure our neighbors about the essence of these strategic pacts and its impact on our relationship with them. We have to proceed cautiously and do not give them the excuse to increase their interferences and use it as weapon to boost the insurgents’ commitment and give the incentive to continue their armed struggle against the Afghan people. No doubt, the ongoing series of strategic partnerships with Italy, France and U.K. will guarantee the political support of their respected governments to Afghanistan post 2014 and will open further doors of economic and political integration with the rest of the world for us; as well as it will give us a louder voice in the world forums.  

Most recently, the peace talks with Taliban was undertaken by the U.S. officials in Qatar which has not yet been confirmed, but if some moderate elements within Taliban are willing to accept the Afghan constitution and lay down their weapons is a welcome news for each single Afghan residing in or outside of the country. 

Taliban as a whole has to realize that their armed struggle for the last decade did not give them the legitimacy to implement their ideology on Afghan people while their only achievement has been immense civilian casualties and demolition of newly built Afghan basic economic infrastructure. So for the sake of attracting Taliban leadership to compete in a democratic election in the coming years, these strategic pacts will eventually convince them to detach with their long-term sympathizers and play their part in building this country since violent and extreme governments are no longer acceptable by the Afghan people in 21st century. 

In addition, these strategic partnerships which can lead to security treaties between Afghanistan and that of its international partners in the future will help our security forces with better equipment and training facilities. 

Last but not least, as an economist, I strongly believe that a strong economy brings about a strong and responsive political establishment and stimulated society. Our strong partnership with prosperous economies around the world will expose the Afghan investment opportunities to the world which will eventually lead us to a self-sufficient, less vulnerable economy in the region. 


Author: Naser Koshan

Washington United States

February 2012

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