Press Release of AACN About Acting Cabinet Members


For Immediate Release
Kabul – 2 February 2012

According to article 75 of the Afghan constitution the government is responsible to maintain public law and order and eliminate every kind of administrative corruption. And according to article 74 of the constitution before assuming office, the Ministers shall take the oath to respect the constitution and other laws of
Afghanistan, safeguard the rights of citizens and serve with loyalty.

But against the oath some of the cabinet members violates the laws and involve in corruption. High level of corruption around the country is a solid prove for this claim, which has resulted to insecurity, instability, barriers for developments, and gap between people, government and international community.

Against the constitution, presence laws and principles of transparency numbers of cabinet members are still acting, which clearly shows violation of laws by the Afghan government.

Meanwhile this is the second year of Afghan parliament, but yet the members of Afghan parliament have not succeeded to elect or replace acting cabinet members. Existence of acting cabinet members beyond the period which has mentioned in the laws, are big obstacle for transparency, accountability, fighting corruption and rule of law.

Lately the government has promised to introduce rest of the cabinet members to the parliament. Thus the Afghan
Anti-Corruption Network (AACN) urges H.E Hamid Karzai, President of IROA to avoid any internal and external pressure and only introduce qualified and incorrupt candidates to the parliament. The AACN also requests the Afghan parliamentarians to vote only for incorrupt and qualified candidates.

Meanwhile the AACN strongly support the latest actions of The High Office of Oversight and Anti-corruption (HOOAC)  regarding sending cases of some accused corrupt cabinet members to the Attorney General Office and the AACN requests the government authorities to respect the laws and seriously follow-up the cases
of corrupt officials and individuals.

The laws have been violated by Afghan government, while recently in results of efforts by the AACN and other civil society organizations Afghan government has pledged in the Bonn conference to the Afghan nation and international community for fighting corruption, but unfortunately the Afghan government has not done anything significant regarding fighting corruption so far.

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