Back to home page An appreciation letter for Khaled Hosseini (author of The Kite Runner)

by Abdul Ali Faiq

The history of Afghanistan is full of pains and atrocities such as vicious assassinations, tyrannies, discriminations, genocides, ethnic cleansing, barbarism, tribalism and extremism.  Such acts describe the identity, heritage and culture of Afghan rulers.  Of course, there are other ethnicities in Afghanistan such as Noristani, Pashahi, Uzbek, Tajik, Hazara, Baloch, Aymaq, Arab and etc.  These ethnicities have their own culture, historical glories, and civilization which consisted of great literature, poets, artist, scholars, scientists, historians and so on.

Current problems in Afghanistan arose from the unsolved issues of the past.  Afghans/Pashtuns have always tried to downplay the ethnic divisions caused by their social injustices and inequality.  So it is no surprise that the abuse and negligence of the regimes which ruled Afghanistan for centuries has not sufficiently been covered and the youth of Afghanistan hardly understands the true suffering of their ancestors.  Fortunately, the era of enlightenment and awareness has given the newer generations a golden opportunity to not only express ourselves, but has also given us a chance to criticize the rulers of our country and bring them to the justice. At the same time, we are given a chance to eradicate the backward tribal customs which are still dominating our societies! It is within our power, now more than ever, to implement the changes that we wish to see in our country, so that we may provide a better future for the generations to come. 

Mr. Khaled Hosseini, author of The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns,   has revealed the reality of Afghanistan to the world. He has bravely broken the silence and unfolded the untold story of our history.  People of Afghanistan proud of him. We believe, it is very appropriate time to reveal the crimes and social injustice, not only for Afghanistan’s people, but also for the world population. We appreciate Mr.Hosseini efforts and are looking forward to see more of his contributions.

Signed by the Afghanistani youth and other citizens:

  1. Abdul Ali Faiq-UK
  2. Wais Amin-UK
  3. Arash Fruzi-India
  4. Fahim Khari-USA
  5. Gul Agha-USA
  6. Abdul Jabar Ariaye-UK
  7. Farid Faiz-UK
  8. Dr.Khasro-UK
  9. Sharief Safa-Afghanistan
  10. Ahmad Sha -Afghanistan
  11. Doshiza Banu-
  12. Dokht Asmihi-
  13. Najiba Amani-USA
  14. Anisa Parwani-Germany
  15. Jamila Bakhtari-Canada
  16. Safdar  Ali  Day  Chopani
  17. Ali Houssini-Canada
  18. Timim Bahar-Afghanistan
  19. Noor Ali -Afghanistan
  20. Qasim Khuram-Germany
  21. Frashta Hazrati-Swedan
  22. Joanna Rarang-UK
  23. Jessica Thomson-UK
  24. Ashley Edward-UK
  25. Sophie James-Scotland
  26. Sadruddin Saqib-UK
  27. Salar Azizpoor-Germany
  28. Dr. Latif-UK
  29. Mustafa Sattary-India
  30. Parwiz Panjsheri-UK
  31. Omaid Pajsheri-China
  32. Parviz Mohammad-UK
  33. Miss Freya-UK
  34. Said Nazamuddin Tahari –Holand
  35. Said Akramuddin Tahari –Holand
  36. Kawa Karami –Holand
  37. Jamsheed –Germany
  38. Nasar Kabuli-UK
  39. Shabnam Nasimi
  40. Shabana Nasimi-
  41. Ismail Tanha-UK
  42. Mohamad Khalid- Afghanistan
  43. Mohamad Walid- Afghanistan
  44. Mohamad Aarief- Afghanistan
  45. Mohamad Nasir- Afghanistan
  46. Faranaz Azimi-Afghanistan
  47. Khalida Bahar-Afghanistan
  48. Abdul Mokhtar Panahi-Tajikisatan
  49. Shakib Poya-Iran
  50. Hakim Mohammad Saber-Afghanistan
  51. Miss Jade Heard-UK
  52. Kawa Kerami-Holland
  53. obaidullah Obi-UK
  54. Ramin Habibi-UK
  55. Malek Panjsheri-Swiss
  56. Jabar Panjsheri-Denmark
  57. ,Atiqullah khaliqi-India
  58. Sayed Jan Sayed-India
  59. Masoud karmkhil-India
  60. Qais Barmand-India
  61. Amid Hamid-India
  62. Sikandar Shuja-India
  63. Ramish Akhbar-India
  64. Yusof Mirzazada
  65. Said Amin-UK
  66. Shafat Jagfar-London
  67. Zaid -UK
  68. Saifuddin Panjshiri
  69. Masoud Faqiri
  70. Wahid Nashat
  71. Hamid Nashat
  72. Ramin
  73. Shar Agha Nashat
  74. Said Nashat
  75. Fada Nashat
  76. Mostafa Akbari
  77. Gul agha Nashat
  78. Tawos Nashat
  79. Farid Noor
  80. Mohamad Ghulam
  81. Haron Amail
  82. Mahmood Jaffari
  83. Kazim Jaffari
  84. Lima Unis
  85. Zarmina Unis
  86. Latifa Kabuli
  87. Shokrya Kabuli
  88. Sonam Ghori
  89. Sonita Ghori
  90. Shokrya Jawedan-Pakistan
  91. Mamona Jawedan-Pakistan
  92. Rizya Anafi-Denmark
  93. Kabeer Bakshi-Germany
  94. Shameel Bakhsi-Germany
  95. Abdul Hamid Nazimi-Canada
  96. Abdul Shakor Panjsheri-Canada
  97. Mosafer-UK
  98. Mohajeer-UK
  99. Ariayan-UK
  100. Mokhtar Rahimi
  101. Ahmad Saha Safa
  102. Miryab-Denmark
  103. Sharief Rahimi-UK
  104. Gul Naz-Afghanistan
  105. Shams Samim-USA
  106. Mahrokh Nadiri-Canada
  107. Dur Andesh-Germany
  108. Ahmad Saha Safa
  109. Ali Askaryan-Germany

  110. Arief Kohistani-Holland
  111. Fahima Faiq-Uk
  112. Shams Qorashi-Iran
  113. Hafiz-Alizadah-Iran
  114. Meer Akber-Akbari-Iceland
  115. Soraya Arian - UK


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